Create It, Drink Up, & Make Memories.

Want the fun but at home and confident in your skills?  Order a custom party kit and have it delivered to your home. All supplies included minus the artist.


Stop thinking about it and just click the green button! You don’t even need to leave the house. Call your friends, we’ve got the rest! Girls night, couples night, tailgate parties and more. 

Paint parties are huge hit with kids!  You grab the cake and we’ll bring everything else needed for a great party.

You will find our events all over the city. Join us at one of our partnering venues.

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How to book a party?

  1. Click the “Booking” button.
  2. Check the availability for your desired date & time
  3. Confirm your party size.
  4. Secure your desired date & time.  Pay Online or invoice.
  5. Do a little happy dance.
  6. Break out the tequila! Just kidding invite your friends.
  7. Choose an image from our gallery to recreate.
  8. See ya soon


Our minimum party size is 12 people. 

Each class is instructed by an experienced artist. We guide you every step of the way.  If you get nervous have another drink.  LOL

We’re partnered with local venues who are delighted to host you and your friends.  Just let us know so we can line it up.

You can choose your much or we can party to one of our curated playlists.